Polignano carrot

At the centre of the Terre di San Vito Slow Food concept, the Polignano carrot boasts a hundred-year-old history which is essential to preserve in order to protect the farming tradition of our land

Hands in the ground

At Terre di San Vito the Polignano carrot is grown like once and is hand picked. Its colours, taste and nutritional characteristics make it a unique food with no equivalent to be found in nature.
For this reason, using innovative preparation methods, every effort is made to come up with products based on the “Bastinaca”, to generate interest and prevent its farming from stopping


The Polignano carrot grows in small sandy plots of 10 to 20 hectares in the Polignano area, more precisely in San Vito, a suburb highly regarded by Slow Food thanks to its strenuous commitment to preserve traditional cultivation expertise and production techniques.

Sowing takes place at the end of summer, between August and September. Seeds from the healthiest plants are selected directly by farm workers, within controlled land plots


Picking starts in late November, using a strictly manual process involving a large fork which moves the soil around the plant and helps carefully extract it from it


The Polignano carrot, apart from its antioxidant properties, contains approximately 22% less glucose, fructose and sucrose compared to standard carrots, for this reason it is suitable for low-carb diets

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