Terre di San Vito extra virgin olive oil

We produce our extra virgin olive oil in the same way that was used a long time ago, carefully hand-picking olives and keeping its quality high. The cleaning, grinding, crushing, the whole work done on the Coratina olives enhances the taste and fragrance of our extra virgin olive oil.

The land of olive trees

Lands that have been fertile since Magna Graecia, hundred-year-old olive trees with trunks that look as though they have been drawn, this is the unique landscape where Terre di San Vito is. Bringing extra virgin olive oil to life makes us proud, that is why we have decided to make it unique and recognizable by bottling it in terracotta jars which are hand-painted by local craftsmen

Terre di San Vito limited edition olive oil jars

There are some gorgeous fields here, with silver-leaved olive trees that are similar to weeping willows. I can never get enough of a blue sky.

Vincent Van Gogh
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Wine Tasting

A walk through the vineyards, discovering our estate and its history, culminating in a tasting of the Terre di San Vito wines and typical Apulian products.

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